Franco-British bilateral symposium on synthetic biology

October 17, 2013
October 18, 2013

Residence of France
11 Kensington Palace Gardens
London W8 4QP
The science and technology department of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom would like to invite British, French and European stakeholders to a 2-day symposium on synthetic biology, in London, free of charge.


The symposium will aim to:
  • bring together all stakeholders from academia, public institutions (policy makers, funders, regulatory agencies...) and the private sector
  • learn about all stages of translational research landscapes in each country
  • share views on underpinning ethical and societal questions
  • explore possibility of drafting new theme-specific bilateral cooperation

Who should attend?
French, British and European stakeholders from horizons spanning the entire translational research spectrum conducted in Academic and Industrial Research Centres and Platforms. This includes stakeholders linked to basic research as much as those involved in scaling-up and development of existing technologies. Regulatory bodies and specialised legal firms, charity and government bodies will also be interested in this event.

Expected outcomes

The outcomes of the workshop will help to draft a picture of the current situation and to explore the possibilities for increased cooperation between the two countries. The workshop will also target innovation opportunities for industry. The outputs will be fed into a range of government agencies, the research community and a variety of industrial stakeholders and will help inform funding agencies of opportunities relevant to the field of synthetic biology.

Synthetic Biology (SynBio) is an emerging scientific area at the crossroad between the areas of biology and engineering which has the potential to (i) tackle global challenges in sectors such as health, energy and the environment; (ii) transform the industrial sector as we know it; and (iii) support economic growth and create a large number of jobs. It is currently largely recognised that SynBio will contribute to economic growth and the nations’ wealth in the short, medium and long terms.
It is also agreed that the development of SynBio and the return of benefits it promises will depend on the establishment of an appropriate regulatory framework and infrastructure for research and training. This infrastructure needs to be a network of centres of excellence both nationally and internationally and these centres need to be linked to recognised higher education institutions that offer specific curriculum. France and the UK showing complementary expertise and capacities in academic research, start-up company launch and in industrial processes and scale up, it seems timely to gather together the SynBio stakeholders from the two countries.

How to Book
Book your free place online at
This will be a popular event so delegates are encouraged to book quickly.
In the interests of maximizing benefit, numbers of delegates from any one organization might be restricted.