Nicolas Pollet

  • Group leader - ISSB, Genopole®

Suite à l'obtention de son doctorat en physiologie du développemet à l'INSERM, Nicolas a effectué son post doc au German Cancer Research Institute d'Heidelberg. Il est actuellement un scientifique senior du CNRS, responsable du groupe Metamorphosys à l'iSSB qui s'intéresse à la génomique et à la biologie systémique en utilisant le Xénope comme modèle. Nicolas Pollet a également encadré l'équipe d'Evry en 2012.

Work and research

The project "Matamorphosys" - Genopole® Evry

"Our group is interested in systems biology and genomics. Our project within the institute is to explore the fundamentals of genome structure and expression. Moreover we provide molecular genetics, transgenesis, transcriptomics and bioinformatic tools to study an easily amenable animal model.

We study the genome of an anuran amphibian (a frog) named Xenopus tropicalis through three topics:

  • genome structure, by the characterisation of X. tropicalis genome, including different families of mobile DNA (transposons) and using these transposons as genome engineering tools. We work on the improvement of the genome sequence and of its annotation.
  • genome expression, by the characterisation of transcriptomes throughout ontogenesis (embryonic development and metamorphosis). We develop a collection of full-length cDNA sequences, and explore temporal and spatial restricted expression pattern to infer transcriptional networks.
  • genome evolution, by the analysis of transposons evolution and of selected regulatory genes involved in ontogenesis."

The team


CR1 CNRS (Head Metamorphosys team)
Bât. Genavenir 3 - 1, rue Pierre Fontaine, 91058 Evry
Phone: +33(0)1 64 98 27 48 /+33(0)1 64 98 27 45