Piet Herdewijn

  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • ISSB - Genopole®, France

Son curriculum vitae

Work and research

"Development of nucleoside derivatives with antiviral (AIDS chemotherapy) and antitumoral activity. - Development of oligonucleotides for chemotherapeutic and diagnostic purposes. - Development of oligopeptides as enzyme inhibitors (combinatory libraries)"

Nature works with only two types of information systems i.e. DNA and RNA. The aim of the project is to develop artificial information systems (XNA) that can be replicated in vitro and in bacterial hosts (in vivo). This may provide a novel source of bio-stable therapeutics, while the approach will also be important to explore novel types of genetically modified organisms safer for the environment (synthetic biology).

Piet Herdewijn, chercheur en biologie de synthèse, otient une subvention de l'European Research Council réservée aux chercheurs exceptionnels et aux projets ahutement ambitieux
, ISSP, Genopole®


Medicinal Chemistry
Minderbroedersstraat 10 blok x - box 1030
3000 Leuven