Tracking the growth of synthetic biology : findings for 2013

Major Findings:
• The number of entities conducting research in synthetic biology increased significantly between 2009 and 2013, resulting in a total of 508 unique entities in the 2013 inventory.

• The number of companies has come into closer parity with the number of universities.
    o The number of companies more than tripled, increasing from 61 to 192.
    o The growth in the number of universities was slower, increasing from 127 to 204.

• The increase in the number of synthetic biology companies was greater in Europe than in the United States.

• A plurality of manufacturers involved in synthetic biology research and development is focusing on specialty/fine chemical, medical and biofuels applications.

• The number of policy centers working on synthetic biology issues increased from two to
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    Créé le 6 février 2014